« BioPalette HBsAg»

RU 2012/14164



BioPalette HBsAg is a screening kit for hepatitis B surface antigen detection in human serum or plasma using solid-phase sandwich EIA.
Assay high-specificity is provided due to use of monoclonal antibodies and affinity purified polyclonal antibodies to hepatitis B native HBsAg combination with effective enzyme labels. Characteristic feature of BioPalette HBsAg is high sensitivity 0,01 IU/ml to 0,05 IU/ml. Assay procedure includes only one washing step instead of two as usual.


WHO International Standards

  • HBsAg (HBV genotype B4, HBsAg subtypes ayw1/adw2) (3rd International Standard)
  • HBsAg Quality Control Serum: Sample2 QCRHBsGQC2
  • HBsAg Quality Control Serum: Sample1 QCRHBsGQC1