«BioPalette HIV Ag/Ab»

RU 2012/14166


BioPalette HIV Ag/Ab is a screening kit for the simultaneous detection of antibodiesto HIV-1 (and HIV group 0)/ HIV-2 and HIV-1 p24 antigen in human serum or plasma by EIA.


  • Detection method based on solid-phase sandwich EIA.
  • Use of human monoclonal antibodies, recombinant HIV antigens and EU ultra sensitive enzymatic label enable to provide ultra-low conjugate concentration in working solution and as follows high specificity of the test performance.
  • Characteristic feature of BioPaletteHIV Ag/Abassay is a short incubation time of 50 minutes using incubator.
  • Biotinylated conjugate №1 always supplies ready-to-use.
  • Because of proper alignment and high-quality antibodies high-sensitivity of detecting the HIV p24 antigen does not decrease high specificity of the assay. Assay specificity is under constant control of the manufacturer.
  • According to performed official governmental tests and internal tests on blood arraysspecificity accounts 99,9 % from 30000 blood samples.
  • Automated and manual assay performance.



WHO International Standards


  • WHO International Standard HIV (antibody), 1st International Reference Panel
  • HIV-1 P24 Antigen WHO International Standard
  • Anti-HIV1:Quality Control Serum: Sample1 QCRHIV1QC1
  • Anti-HIV 1: Quality Control Serum: Sample 2 QCRHIV1QC2
  • Anti-HIV1:Quality Control Serum: Sample 3 QCRHIV1QC3
  • Anti-HIV-1 Quality Control Reagent Sample 5 QCRHIV1QC5
  • p24QC2-HIV1 p24 Antigen: Quality Control Serum: Sample2 QCRHIV1
  • HIV1 p24 Antigen: Quality Control Serum: Sample1 QCRHIV1P24QC1
  • Anti HIV2: Quality Control Serum: Sample 3 QCRHIV2QC3
  • Anti HIV2:Quality Control Serum: Sample2 QCRHIV2QC2